Las Vegas police: Danley’s statement imperative to investigation

LAS VEGAS, NV — Far from the usual Vegas party mode of Sin City’s hustle and bustle, this is the current mood on the Strip. Business may seem back to its normalcy, but a scar of a deadly mass shooting on October 1st changes Vegas forever.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, Las Vegas Metro police says that Stephen Paddock’s live-in partner Marilou Natividad Danley’s statement is imperative to the current investigation — especially that Paddock was able to wire-transfer $100,000 dollars to the Philippines a few days before his shooting spree.

Sisters of Marilou told an Australian news outlet that Marilou’s life was spared by Paddock, who bought her a “cheap ticket” to the Philippines two weeks before the attack.

“Investigation with her is ongoing,” says Nevada Congressman Ruben Kihuen.
“We are working tirelessly right now to find answers and a motive. We have not found the motive, and I know that FBI and the police are working tirelessly trying to find the reason.”

The LVMPD says that although the motive is still unknown, they believe that Paddock’s intent in the killing spree was pre-meditated.

They are expecting Marilou’s information to shed a light onto this investigation.

Marilou arrived in the US Tuesday night, and was welcomed and escorted by the FBI at Los Angeles International Airport.

The questioning of Marilou began today, but at the time of this broadcast, she is free to go, since she is not considered a suspect.

“We believe that she has information that will further this investigation, so we are very interested in interviewing her, so again she is not a suspect — she is a person of interest that obviously she dated this individual,” said PIO Jacinto Rivera. “And this individual has in possession of numerous powerful weapons. So we want to know what sort of knowledge does she have prior to this, if he made any mentions of this plan, or any kind of plan that indicated violence.”

Operatives from the US Dept. of Homeland Security went to thePhilippiness to meet with Philippine immigration officials.
They found out that Stephen Paddock and Danley went to the Philippines in April 2014, on board the same flight.

Las Vegas mayor praises Filipino community for support

Meanwhile, Las Vegas Mayor Caroline Goodman lauded the Filipino nurses and the medical community, who were a part of the first responders on the night of October 1st.

“They have been all the best of the best and all of our medical areas, and all the hospitals, they’re so supportive. Plus the Filipino community have been so giving and kind, it’s just that time for all of us to pull together. And they certainly, our Filipino community is beloved”

Vegas may have faced this tragic incident, but Nevadans continue to be resilient and hard-working in this time of grief.

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