Las Vegas Pinoy shot to death the day after Christmas

LAS VEGAS – Christmas day was the last day 58-year-old Antonio “Tony” Isnit’s family saw him alive as they celebrated the holidays together in this northwest home in Las Vegas.

The very next day after Christmas, Isnit was shot to death.

Authorities say Tony was working at a Walgreens store early morning on Friday, December 26 when a man, later identified as 25-year-old Jin Ackerman, reportedly came in the store and held Tony and another female employee at gunpoint.

Ackerman reportedly took some cash from the store’s safe and stayed in the store for an hour before fatally shooting Tony.

Authorities say Tony died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Tony’s family still could not come to terms how someone could just take their loved-one away in such a senseless way.

“I wish he just took whatever he wanted and went away,” said Tony’s sister Emily Isnit Calderon. “This is a big worry especially for my mom. I’m praying for him that something and realized what he did.”

Tony worked the graveyard shift as a store clerk for eight years. Customers remember him as a friendly man, who expressed his desire to retire in the Philippines in four years.

“You don’t see him frowning,” said Walgreens customer Remy Ojeda. “ He’s always laughing. He’s a very kind person.”

“He’s such a big loss not only because he was Filipino but because he was a good person,” said Walgreens customer Victor Ojeda.

“A very nice man good personality, good heart,” said Walgreens customer Lucio Occhinero. “Also, I know he takes care of his own mother and he works so hard for her and i believe he should not die like that.”

Local media reports say the suspect Ackerman was a former Walgreen’s assistant manager who may have acted in retaliation against Walgreens.

Ackerman is facing murder, kidnapping, robbery and burglary charges.

He is scheduled for his first court appearance on Wednesday morning.

“We are happy that the gunman was caught right away,” said Calderon. “We are also thanking the police metro because of tracking the gun man”

The Las Vegas community is sympathizing with the Isnit family leaving flowers and candles outside this store where tony was last seen alive. They pray and hope that the family will heal from this tragic event.


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