Las Vegas Pinoy confesses to allegedly stabbing wife to death

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Jan. 14, 2014

LAS VEGAS – Richard Magdayo Dahan married Daisy Casalta-Dahan in August 2011, according to marriage documents obtained from the Clark County Recorder’s office.

The couple lived in a one-bedroom unit at an apartment complex in Las Vegas for over two years.

Daisy, 28, worked as a certified nursing assistant at a nursing home, just half a mile from their apartment.

Last month, Daisy took the Nevada State Nursing Board examination to become a registered nurse and practice in Nevada.

What could have been happy times for the couple, turned into tragedy.

Police records showed that on Friday afternoon, Richard walked into the police station and confessed that he stabbed his wife to death.

Las Vegas Metro police responded and found Daisy dead, lying, face up, in the kitchen.

Richard told homicide detectives that Daisy wanted a divorce.

Richard stated that the only words Daisy uttered: “No, no, no…Oh Lord, no!”

“This is not the act of a human being. Daisy could not defend herself in this situation,” Daisy’s friend, who asked not to be identified, said.

Daisy’s friends contradicted Richard’s statement to the police. They said Daisy was a loving wife, and that she would never leave Richard.

They also said it was not divorce papers that Daisy wanted Richard to sign, but paperwork for her adjustment of status in the United States, as she was petitioned by Richard as a fiancée three years ago.

“Amidst her suffering she didn’t even tell us,” Daisy’s friend added. “We are just shocked. We are devastated by the whole thing. We could’ve done something more.”

Daisy’s friends added that she had been very secretive about her marital problems with Richard, and that they knew that Richard had been treating her differently — especially after his kidney transplant and after losing his job.

Daisy’s friends said she shouldered all the financial responsibility of Richard, giving him money to support his kids from a previous relationship.

“I just want to tell Daisy’s family in the Philippines that we are sorry,” Daisy’s friend said. “I am sorry because she could’ve been saved. She is a good person and we did nothing to save her.”

Richard is scheduled to appear in Clark County District Court on Wednesday. No bail is set and he is currently charged with open murder with deadly weapons.

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  • JD
    15 January 2014 at 7:35 am - Reply

    It’s Sad when someone takes someone life, Why he could have take his own life ? Sorry but he took a good person life his wife, he is very sick and need help, And please lock him up in jail for life !