Las Vegas Pinoy charged with first-degree murder of estranged wife

LAS VEGAS, NV — 57-year-old Arthur Bellarmino Lopez was found guilty on a first-degree murder. He is now serving a minimum sentence of 20 years to 50 years of imprisonment.

It was August of 2016 when 78-year-old Erlinda Penaflor was found dead in this east side residence of Las Vegas where she lived with a roommate.


The suspect was her own estranged husband, Lopez.


Penaflor’s roommate reportedly told police that he witnessed verbal abuse from Lopez toward Penaflor in the past, and that during their fights, Lopez would even wish Penaflor was dead.


Penaflor’s roommate also reportedly told authorities that Lopez has a gambling problem and stole from him and from his estranged wife.

Her roommate found her in a pool of blood when he returned home that Sunday afternoon last August.


“I saw a blanket by the TV in the family room and when I lift it. I saw Erlinda’s body, I quickly lifted it and I go outside, and I called 911,” said Penaflor’s roommate.

Following Penaflor’s death, Lopez reportedly called authorities and admitted to killing her.

The 911 dispatcher says that a male voice came on the other line and says that his name is Arthur Lopez and gave the 113 Colgate Avenue address.


The Clark County Coroners office ruled Penaflor’s death a homicide. She died due to a blunt force trauma to her head and neck.

After a year of pre-trial court appearances. Lopez entered a guilty plea agreement to the crime of first-degree murder.

In a court document obtained by BA, Lopez was sentenced last week to a minimum of 20 years and maximum 50 years at the Nevada department of corrections.

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