Las Vegas: Filipino billiards champs cue up at world tournament

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Feb. 14, 2014

LAS VEGAS – The Philippines best cue artists will are slugging it out with stars of the World Professional Billiard League in an all-star charity billiards challenge Friday.

Filipino Dennis “Money Game King” Orcollo said this league is different from other world tournaments.

“The difference here it is colors,” Orcollo said. “That’s how you play nine balls; but each team only uses three holes. It’s a little bit confusing but my partner is hot.”

Orcollo adds that 2014 has been a good year for Pinoy billiard players.

“I became champion in ‘bank’,” he explained. “Bustamante and I made the finals. Then Efren won one pocket. So it’s a good year for Filipinos.”

Warren Kiamco who ranks number one in the WPBL says he is confident that the Philippine team will win because both Badio and Orcollo are world champions.

Carlo Abiado, 31, who was a former golf caddy, now a world champion, has been touring the world on pool tournaments with Orcollo.

“We need to win because we’re representing the Philippines,” Abiado said. “We are the Philippine team. I need to teach them the rules because this is really different from nine ball or 10 ball. This is different. It’s like snooker. It’s a combination of rotation, one pocket bank and snooker. There are a lot of rules here and that’s what they need to know. But then again, they’re really good.”

Proceeds of this event will benefit typhoon haiyan victims through the raising asian pacific american coalition for diversity.

We need to join this tournament because there are no tournaments in Asia. The fact is that billiards is how we earn our living.

Orcollo, Kiamco and Biado, three of the best pool players in the world will represent the Philippines this weekend. They are hopeful that they will not only bring the prize money home but rank the Philippine team number one in the World Pool Billiard league.

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