Las Vegas Fil-Ams turn out for Bush rally following GOP debate

LAS VEGAS – Fresh from the GOP presidential debate, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush took the stage at the Veterans Memorial Leisure Services Center in northwest Las Vegas and in front of about 150 people, Bush urged Nevadans to support him in the state’s caucus.

He tells fellow GOP contender Donald Trump that he has his own convictions, outside of the political Bush dynasty.

“Rather than saying I’m a loud voice I’m not, but I have a heart for people and I’ve seen the frustrations of people and I have the leadership skills to fix it,” said Bush.

Some kababayans in the valley took time off to hear what Bush had to say after seeing Bush’s new energy on Tuesday’s debate.

“We are reaching out to these candidates to let them know that Hawaiian issues, Filipino issues are important – not these illegal border hoppers,” said Johnny Jackson.

Bush says that his economic agenda to reduce taxes is the proper way of growing the economy. 

“I’m not going to get my foreign policy based on watching the shows, so don’t worry about it. I’ll figure it out later,” said Bush.

“I have two kids for myself and I believe it’s for our next generation and people with dreams,” said Connie Chiang. “We have the ability to follow his leadership. We can make our dream come true but for the other party it’s more for them.”

Donald Trump is still leading the pack of presidential candidates at 30.5 percent in the GOP post-debate polls.

Another GOP candidate Rand Paul also made the rounds in the silver state Thursday.  He made an appearance in Las Vegas at the College of Southern Nevada’s Charleston Campus.

As the bid for the GOP’s presidential nomination heats up, more U.S. presidential candidates are expected to be in southern Nevada next week.

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  • Joe
    19 September 2015 at 2:33 am - Reply

    American voters are tired of 8 years of Bush and Clinton. Voters does not want Political Dynasty. Voters are tired of politicians, look who are on the top, GOP-outsiders,Trump,Carlson, and Florina. Voters does not trust a Democrat-black President, therefore the next President will be a Republican, white, not black.Voters jobs was taken by illegal alien and foreign workers. Trump started the issue on deportation of illegal alien and anchor baby,when his rating rises, all GOP candidates became anti illegal alien.Only Ted Cruz,is the real anti-illegal alien candidate, Bush & Rubio books are in favor of Amnesty.Florina as HP CEO fired 30,000of her employees and replaced them with cheap labor from Pakistan and India.The entire GOP establishment are pro-Amnesty, that is why, they want to eliminate Trump, $28Million of negative ads are already prepared to bring down Trump.Trump is still leading, but for how long, I wish he will survive.

  • Enigma
    19 September 2015 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    Trump against everybody else.The mother of a Collective effort by a bunch of smooth talkers, wind-tunnel shaped, focus group tested, special interest funded, coached, trained professional talkers supported by literally the entire establishment, the media and the opinion makers, to take down The Donald.

    Ad buys in the millions to torpedo his chances. From the lobbyists to special interest groups, elite think tanks, corrupt media in print and TV, one concerted effort to destroy the man.I haven’t seen anything like it in my lifetime. They are afraid,very afraid.

    Based upon this fact alone, for sheer fairness reasons, I support Trump and keep on supporting him.

    For years now we have heard these debates with such people promising us a paradise, hope and change, restoration, uplifting and the pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, if only ,only , we voted for them.

    Look where we are now with one of those substitutable politicians in office. Before him another one and before that one another all the way back to Ronald Reagan, the last truly great president.

    Insanity is to do the same again and again and every time expect a different result. And that is, what these people fail to grasp. We are sick and tired of this elite political class and want to try now something different. Maybe unpolished. Maybe politically incorrect. Maybe rash, rude bullish, even mean at times. But successful privately , in business, and as entertainer, and hence possibly successful as President.

    So thanks, Folks, for the great speeches and talking points. Thanks, Mrs. Fiorina for a great example of debating skills and oratory. I’ve seen it before and got disappointed. Again and again.

    I still go with Trump and bet on the fact that he will surround himself with enough of the smooth politicians needed to pass legislation or exercise a reasonable diplomacy or package a hard stick in soft speech.

  • noz
    19 September 2015 at 7:29 pm - Reply

    j bush has to overcome the two other bush, particularly bush43rd being bashed to this day by obozo. the blame game by obozo’s defenders is, its bush43rd economic fiasco extended to obozo’s presidential’s failures, which is one of many distortions of obozo, whose problem was not born a leader, and can’t learn what it takes to be a leader. so, the blame game is the best cover up of obozo’s incompetencies, as evidenced by the bad shape of this nation, from out of control 30-50 illegal aliens, and continue growing, the 92-100M people on all sorts of welfare, the muslim nations in chaos, and its people are on the run as refugees, and the list goes on. the voters are angry, except the freeloaders, who couldn’t care less as along as the freebies are flowing uninterrupted. so much so, the voters are too tired, wanting no more another bush, another clinton.

    j bush positions on illegal aliens mess are not going to solve the out of control 30-50M illegal aliens. he is saying its too costly to spend billions to deport illegal aliens, yet its costing income taxpayers 100B annually spent on illegal aliens. j bush perspectives on uncontrolled illegal aliens do not seat well with GOP voters, which look like he learned them the hard way, after trump’s surging in the poll. for j bush to change his stance on how he is going to solve illegal aliens invasions will be seen he is a flip flopper, without a doubt will further hurt his already behind number in the poll.

  • noz
    19 September 2015 at 10:00 pm - Reply

    trump said he won’t take the prez’s salary if elected, which indeed is like peanuts compared to his multi-millions annual earning. who knows?, trump might not even live in the WH, instead opted to live near the WH, the used to be post office building he is rebuilding to luxurious residence, he is claiming on the dot, timely completion, then fire all the WH employees, then bring all of his long time / trusted helps, and or employees. then, trump may opt to use his own plane, instead of air force one. trumps will argue to the people, he is saving their hard earned cash or taxpayer’s monies in estimated billions.

  • kuya
    20 September 2015 at 9:19 am - Reply

    Its time for all our kababayans to unite and vote for a president that is committed to help the Pilipino community. We have the voting power and we must use it now for the guture of our children.