Las Vegas: Fil-Am Trump supporters blame moderator for losing control of debate

Some Fil-Am Republicans in Nevada say President Donal Trump did well in upstaging his Democratic rival in their first debate. But they also had some criticism of moderator Chris Wallace, who they blame for failing to control the debate stage. Bev Llorente has this report.

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  • Mario
    1 October 2020 at 7:02 pm - Reply

    Round 1 is over, Trump was able to expose what the media does not want you to hear. Exposed Hunter Biden corruptions, Biden-Obama caught spying, Biden on LOGAN ACT to Gen Flynn, Wallace was able to cut it off the Spying issue, which is Treason 50 yrs jail time. Biden change strategy from Left to Moderate, Manifesto had been written during the Primary, this will cost him the LEFT Votes, a repetition of the 2016 election, Sanders supporters stayed home, did not vote, they were betrayed by Clinton, many voted for Trump. Biden dropped Medicare for All, and Green New deal. 52% are Millennial and GenX brainwashed liberal, betrayed again. Trump losses many opportunities, Wallace cut him off to discontinue, Never mentioned the lowest unemployment on BLACK, LATINO, and ASIAN a historical record. TRUMP advantage is continuous RALLY, he keeps himself VISIBLE to the Voters, he lost Minnesota on 2016, yesterday he had 25,000 attended the rally. Yesterday Biden at TRAIN OHIO Station, 10-15 join the Townhall.