Las Vegas family seeking justice after gruesome murder of their son

LAS VEGAS — It was October 21 when Maria Aurora Tica last spoke with her son, Jonathan Fernando.

The two live in separate apartments.

Maria did not expect to first see her first-born dead in a local funeral home.

“Napaka bait ng anak kong yan. Napaka sipag niya napakasipag masyado siyang palakaibigan. Masyadong palakaibigan. Pero ang ano ko lang sa batang yan, kase siya kahit may problema yan hindi nagsasabe sa akin ayaw nya akong bigyan ng problema.”

On October 31st, police found Jonathan’s body face down in a pool of blood in a north Las Vegas neighborhood.

According to the police report, Jonathan sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was bludgeoned to death.

Police ruled the case a homicide.

The coroner’s report stated that Jonathan had been dead for 2 or 3 days.

On November 1st, police arrested a suspect: 48-year-old Parichart Hall.

Hall, who lives in the same house as Jonathan, claims they were in a relationship.

Jonathan left behind a wife and two children in the Philippines, and his mother and aunt strongly refute Hall’s claim.

Police released Hall on November 10, to the dismay of Jonathan’s family.

The Tica family is seeking justice for Jonathan’s death.

For now, the Tica family is coordinating with the DFA for Jonathan’s body to be flown back to the Philippines.

A GoFundMe page has been also been created to help bring Jonathan back home.


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