Las Vegas entertainer talks about economic challenges, with show venues still closed

LAS VEGAS, NV — The entertainment capital of the world is known for its flashy shows and headliners.

But since the coronavirus pandemic shut down Las Vegas show venues, many performers and entertainers have been out of work.

Fil-Am singer Rissa Navales who stars in Hitzville the show, a Motown revue, is feeling the economic impact.

“First thing was, I was scared… unsure of what’s gonna happen? Paano na to when am I going back to work again? How am I going to survive? Basically my main job is singing here in Vegas.”

It was March 14 when Navales last performed at the V Theater of Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, where she did impressions of Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, and Tina Turner.

With their return to stage uncertain, Navales said fellow performers have also struggled amid the pandemic.

“It’s hard I’ve been talking to some of my co-workers other musicians they are really like hurt financially budget wise kung yun lang yung source of living it’s really difficult.”

Besides performing at the V Theater, Navales worked part-time in one of the Caesars Entertainment properties as a “bevertainer,” singing and dancing while serving cocktails to guests.

“I don’t know how.. But it feels weird because staying for a long period of time and also the idea of the COVID thing is making you paranoid. You just gotta have faith and just take extra precautions.”

For now, Navales relies on the recent stimulus package, and unemployment benefits, to make ends meet until she gets back on her feet.

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