Las Vegas clinic shut down after Fil-Am found dead in cryotherapy chamber

LAS VEGAS – Nevada authorities have shut down Rejuvenice Spa to be closed down following the tragic discovery of a Fil-Am employee’s dead body inside a cryotherapy chamber. Officials say the spa had no license to operate. Bev Llorente tells us more.





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    29 October 2015 at 2:45 pm - Reply

    What in the hell a worker doing in Cryotherapy Chamber? She should have been working and if she did she would be alive today? On working time she go into the Cryotherapy Chamber, I don’t feel sorry for her that is what you get when you dumb things on working time. And the company she worked for shouldn’t have been open? It was a illegal place to work for. I feel sorry for the boyfriend and her family, but that’s what happen when you do dumb things you get hurt bad.