Las Vegas casino shooting suspect apprehended in Texas

LAS VEGAS — It has been 4 days since the tragic shooting took place at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, leaving one woman dead and one man still fighting for his life.

The suspect is 42-year-old Anthony Wrobel, who was apprehended 821 miles away April 19 in Vega, Texas, after a days-long manhunt.

Wrobel, who was a table game dealer at The Venetian casino, showed up at the picnic the company hosted.

Wrobel walked up to the victims who were seated together, pulled out a handgun and shot both victims at close proximity.

Clark County coroners report that Mia Banks died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

“What we know for sure at this time that this was not a random act of that he plans this attack and target the victims the suspect, in this case, have planned this attack and target his victims,” said Capt. Robert Plummer.

A multi-agency manhunt is on to find Wrobel.

The Venetian put out a $50,000 dollar reward to anyone who can locate the suspect, an alarming situation for these Pinoy casino workers working next door.


Both victims, Mia Banks and Hector Rodriguez, are casino executives of The Sand corporation, that owns The Venetian Las Vegas and in Venetian Macao China.

Wrobel is charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder with a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm.


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