LA’s Philippine Independence Day parade celebrates community members

LOS ANGELES – From the Igorot dancers making their way through the streets to beauty queens of all ages — LA’s Historic Filipino town celebrated its third annual parade in honor of the 117th Philippine Independence Day.

For the locals whether they marched or watched from the front of their homes, hearing familiar music and seeing the joy of their neighbors brings a sentimental joy through the streets.

In an effort to continue expanding the tradition, this year the Filipino nonprofit groups hosted its first ever Lakambini ng Kalayaan, crowing some of the active women of the community in a pageant to help promote the work of their organizations.

“Malaking karalangan para sa akin ang maging Ms. Lakambini ng Kalayaan because I can help a lot of organizations, especially FASGI (Filipino American Service Group Inc.) because that’s my passion to help people,” said this year’s winner Rosemarie Mejia.

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