LA’s Historic Filipinotown celebrates 15 years

LOS ANGELES — 15 years ago this month, the city of Los Angeles designated the temple corridor as Historic Filipinotown — a cultural epicenter where many Filipinos first migrated to in Southern California.

“It is a teenager. So it’s brain development stage. We are very happy with what we’re accomplishing,” said Leo Pandac from the Historic Filipinotown Neighborhood Council Inc.

“I’ve been so proud. We are putting a community together. We have our festival every year to share our culture to share the talents that we have,” says Cecile Ramos.

City officials joined the community for its annual celebration, and some stars brought the house down.

From NBC and ‘Today Show’ meteorologist Shanna Mendiola, to Jessica Reynoso of the Voice Philippines, Krissy and Ericka Villongco… every year, the Historic Filipinotown festival celebrates a region in the Philippines.

This year’s focus is the Visayas, a region that often deals with challenges from natural disasters to terror threats.

“This is an opportunity. We may have endured a lot, but now we are trying to make the history alive again,” said Andy Ramacco.

And when the audience wasn’t dancing and singing along, they were learning — as Miranda and Ramacco reenacted some historical moments in the Visayas.

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