LA Pinoys pray for good Papal visit

LOS ANGELES – It’s been a week of novenas at St. Casimir Lithuania Catholic Church, as Filipinos celebrate a week long Sinulog with prayers and dances for the baby Jesus.

“We have been very faithful with Santo Niño way back in Cebu City where we started all this when I was a little girl,” said organizer Cecilia Parawan.

While they honor the Santo Nino with a novena, they are also praying for the Santo Papa.

“That’s what I’m praying for to have a good and safe stay,” said devotee Maria Sol Rea.

A storm is brewing and may hit Leyte, which could possibly affect the Papal visit.

“It can be a hindrance but prayers will drive the rain somewhere else. God will not disappoint the Filipinos with their prayers and their expectations with the holy father. It won’t rain,” said Vidal Aguas.

These Santo Nino devotees are excited that fellow devotees plan on dancing a sinulog during the pope’s mass this weekend.

“I’m sure he’s also celebrating simultaneously in Luneta the Sinulog thing and everybody who are faithful devotees of Santo Niño they’ll bring their Santo Niño images and they dance Sinulog right there in Luneta,” said Parawan.

They hope that Pope Francis’ visit will bring the Philippines a lot of blessings for years to come.

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