LA Philippine Consulate processes overseas absentee voter ballots

LOS ANGELES — Despite protests on Monday over-delayed ballot delivery, Philippine consulates continued processing ballots that they did receive.

As of this week, the LA Philippine consulate has received close to 4,000 thousand ballots but have also received some 2500 return-to-sender ballots.

The LA consulate, which has over 52,000 voters, has over 50 of these bins and will be working around the clock to accept hand-delivered ballots.

They will also be open this weekend to accept hand-delivered ballots.

The LA consulate is continuing to update its list of ballots that were returned to them on their website, and encourage voters to visit the consulate if they find their name on the list.

“We’d like to appeal to them in the essence of time, to drop by the consulate personally pick up their ballot that was returned to the consulate and they could actually choose their candidates and give the ballots back to us so they don’t need to mail it back any more,” said ConGen Adelio Cruz. “They’re welcome to come over observe, everything will be done in transparency of course, I’d like to commend my colleague here at the consulate who’ve been working so hard in ensuring the sanctity of the ballots.

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