LA officials focus on COVID-19 testing at “hotspots,” including nursing homes, jails and asst. living facilities

LOS ANGELES — As Los Angeles County officials try to flatten the curve amid the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve shifted their focus to 100 institutions, considered hotspots — such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, shelters and jails.

“We are currently investigating cases of COVID-19 at 109 institutional settings. These are all settings where there is at least one confirmed positive case of COVID-19, and this includes nursing homes, assisted living facilities, shelters, treatment centers, supportive living, and correctional facilities, the total number of confirmed cases in institutional settings is 512 and this includes both staff and residences,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, LA Public Health Director.

The Pilipino Workers Center welcomes this precaution as they too worry about caregivers who are in the frontlines, caring for some of the most vulnerable amid the crisis.

“Ang tingin ko, yung department of health ang priority mga matanda aksi diba yung ng yari sa Washington dun nag start sa sang facility sa assisted living kalahari ng mamtay so siempre mas yun ang focus nila,” said Lolit Andrada Lledo.

“The way I see it, the health department is prioritizing seniors because of what happened in Washington during the start of this pandemic when a lot of people died at an assisted living facility… so of course, they’ll focus on that.”

While still limited, testing was made available to some 32,000 county residents – who are either sick or were possibly exposed to coronavirus – including this group of caregivers, who are members of the Pilipino Workers Center.

But they worry that the outbreaks in their facilities, which the county defines as three or more in one institution, could lead to more job losses in the community.

“Meron nag uubo sa residente namin so dinala agad sa ospital siempre takot año casi mamaya hindi na papasukin so it would mean no work no pay, so marami kami dun most of us are members of the PWC, so were just praying na hindi kami na lock out sa amin trabuhan kasi may alam ako tatlo kapatind natin caregivers hindi na nag wowork,” said caregiver Lee Plaza.

“There was a sick resident, so they took them to the hospital. Of course, we’re worried because they might not let us in which means no work, no pay. There are a lot of us who are members of the Pilipino Workers center there, so we’re just praying that we don’t get locked out. I know of three other fellow caregivers that now have no work.”

As plaza and other caregivers wait for their test results, they’ve also gone into self-quarantines, hoping for the best.

With over 6,000 confirmed cases and 147 deaths as of Monday afternoon in LA County, health officials warned that this is the most crucial week in fighting the spread of COVID-19.

They are urging residents to stay home as much as possible, and consider have food and medicines delivered instead.

Anyone that has to go outside is urged to wear protective face coverings.

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  • Mario
    8 April 2020 at 2:28 am - Reply

    California curve is leveling, the same thing with Oregon and Washington, they transferred their VENTILATORS to another STATE. The New York curve is going down but not level. The whole US curve is about to reach the PEAK within 8 days. ITALY curve is going down and the US is 12 days behind Italy. The projected death Model for the US is up to 2.2Million, TFVirus projected death is 100K-200K. Today US total death is 11,000. Today’s live TV TFVirus briefing is about Trump thinking of adding another stimulus money, in addition to the $1,200, the next amount to be determined, and a long term Payroll cut. CDC also warned Americans not to buy ANTI-BODY TEST from the internet, it is not approved yet by the FDA. The antibody test determines if you are positive it means you have previously infected with CV19 and that CV19 in your body develops IMMUNITY. Negative means you are vulnerable to CV19 infection. Having immunity you are protected, can work as CAREgiver.