LA Mayor joins in national day of action on immigration

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News

LOS ANGELES —  The city’s recently re-elected Mayor Eric Garcetti spent a day of action defying President Donald Trump’s orders on immigration reform — by introducing his own immigration-related executive orders.

 From state and church, law enforcement, and education, Mayors from across the country took a day of action for immigrant rights. 

We are not alone tonight,” said LA Mayor Garcetti. “I want you to know that 60+ cities representing tens of thousands of Americans today have gathered like this in churches, in mosques, in synagogues — they’ve come together in community centers.”

Southern California is home to the country’s largest Filipino population, and is also believed to have the most undocumented immigrants.

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti has been on the forefront of these actions. 

On this stop, he joined forces with the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles for a know-your-rights workshop in the Latino-dominated Boyle Heights neighborhood. 

“We’re going to have classes and meetings in our parishes,” said David O’Connell, Auxiliary Bishop of the LA Archdiocese. “We’ve been doing this not just the past four months, since November — but for years now, we’ve worked together to help our brothers and sisters who are immigrants get driver’s licenses.”

The day of action comes after a recent executive order by President Donald Trump prompted ICE to publish a list of non-cooperative  cities and law enforcement agencies, that have refused to work with immigration officials. 

The federal government has threatened to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities. 

But this isn’t stopping some these cities from defying these orders. 

You cannot put a fiscal gun to the head of a city or state and say in exchange for this money you have to do that to take those funds away they’re going to see the safety of this country suffer,” Garcetti said.

As President Trump issues his orders, the mayor is also pushing for his own local executive order that furthers stops city agencies from actively working with ICE to find and arrest undocumented immigrants. 

 “The city and city officials are prohibited from sharing that information,” Garcetti said. “We already have some protections like firefighters under healthcare privacy can’t… but we’ve now made it universal for all our city departments.” 

Under executive directive #20, Garcetti explains this order — which protects immigrants will continue his biggest goal which is to keep the entire city safe. 

These actions go far beyond this day.

For decades, the LAPD has refused to work with immigration — while the Los Angeles Archdiocese has been at the forefront, pushing for comprehensive reform.

Neighboring cities such as Anaheim and Long Beach are also doing their own actions — all are taking a stand against the White House administration’s immigration orders.

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  • Mario
    23 March 2017 at 9:46 pm - Reply

    LA a Sanctuary City, I already informed my illegal alien friends to move to LA.. The illegals are willing to accept $3-5 per hour..Trump defund Federal budget for Sanctuary City, the Democrats will just increase taxes to take care of the illegal alien.Most of our Pinoys kababayan are moving to Houston, Texas because NO State Income Tax…. A 13 years old HS student raped inside male bathroom by 2 Illegal alien,from Honduras and El Salvador. Maryland is not a sanctuary City so the illegal will be prosecuted, possibly deported., if the rape crime is committed in LA Sanctuary City, the illegal will not be deported, because rape crime is not immigration law violation, they will be free after 2 days, the Democrat protect criminal illegal alien…..