LA immigrants and advocates rally for DACA to continue

LOS ANGELES — A federal appeals court served as the latest battleground for President Donald Trump’s attempt to end DACA.

As the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard the opening arguments from the Trump administration on why the Obama era immigration relief should end, activists — including Dreamers and plaintiffs — rallied outside the courthouse.

Earlier this year, the Trump administration said President Obama overstepped his authority when creating the program.

However, a California court said that Obama acted within his power — and ending DACA could cause harm, putting an injunction on the president’s attempt to end the program.

“This case is not just about our 800,000 DACA recipients, it’s also about our families. It’s about our patients, our clients, our community. So we want to say we are tired of being treated in this manner,” said Dulce Garcia.

This appeal comes as the Trump administrations attempt to end DACA was denied by several courts.

The Department of Homeland Security continues to accept DACA renewals.

Since it began in 2012 about 800,000, including some 4,500 Filipinos, have availed of the program.

“The government deprived recipients of fundamental constitutional and human rights; including the right to be free from restrain and deportation to be with family and friends to work and pursue careers and to be treated with basic dignities,” said Jessica Garcia of the California Dream Network/Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights LA.

After today’s California’s 9th circuit hearing, the judges are expected to issue a ruling several weeks from now.

California is expected to be the first appeals court to issue their verdict.

The 2nd circuit court of appeals will also take on DACA this summer, but ultimately experts believe this case will eventually make its way to the US Supreme Court.

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  • Mario
    17 May 2018 at 12:33 pm - Reply

    2010 Dreamers Act PASSED House Bill S.3827,Path for Citizenship for 1 M children brougth in illegally by parents, but Dems controlled Senate failed to passed.If the DEMs are sincere and attempted to file it for the 2nd time Dream Act should have passed.. On 2012 Obama diverted it to DACA, NO PATH to citizenship, still from 2012-2016 Dems/Obama had enough time for a legislative fix on DACA if they really want to help the 800K DACA. On Jan 2018, TRUMP revived the DREAMERS ACT made a counter offer of 1.8M, path to citizenship within 10-12yrs. Take note HBill S-3827 passed way back 2010.On Feb 2018 Trump tweeted claimed Dreamers migrant had been ABANDONED again by Dems, they want NO border wall in exchange of Dream Act. Solution: MID-TERM election. Hse of Rep total 435, needed for control 218 seats. Today GOP 235, Dems 193, Vacant 7, DEMS need 25 new seats. SENATE-Tot 100 needed to control 51. Today GOP 51 Dems 49. DACA need 218 HSe votes and 60 Senate vote.. DREAM ACT need 60 Senate vote. Under Trump it need additional 9 new GOP Senator to get 60 votes, while Dems need 25 new seats for the House and 11 new Senators to get 60 votes. Voting 9 new GOP Senator is the easiest move to protect the Dreamers. Focus on TRUMP Dream Act it is-1.8M, forget DACA- only 800K.

  • American
    19 May 2018 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    Hey, dummies that live in Los Angeles DACA was created by our ex-black president Obama illegal so stop crying and you all that are DACA say goodbye to your parents or loved ones because you DACA will be kicked out of America!