LA Filipino employees partner with Pilipino Workers Center to promote more city jobs

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles is poised to become a hot job market, and the city’s Filipino American organization is urging fellow Pinoys to prepare their resumes and brush up their interview skills.

“62,000 people, 46% of them are any day now can retire so this is a great opportunity for people to get hired with the city. We’re needing people very soon. It’s great for you to get started. It’s great for you to get applications ready soon beef up your experience your training your education,” said Joan Tagle.

The Los Angeles Filipino Association of City Employees, LAFACE, and the Pilipino Worker’s Center hosted a seminar to help job seekers apply for different posts from the different city hall departments to the police department and even different services provided by Los Angeles.

The full-time jobs come with benefits, and a chance to help keep America’s second largest city up and running.

With resumes in hand and computers on their laps, over 100 job-seekers came for advice.

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