LA Filipino activists join international groups calling for justice on Int’l Human Rights Day

LOS ANGELES — Different countries, similar struggles in honor of International Human Rights Day this week.

Some 200 activists representing 29 organizations marched through a busy stretch of Wilshire Boulevard, making stops at several consulate offices.

Filipino activists were well represented — especially at the Philippine consulate.

For Cathy Miraballes, her fight against human rights abuses goes back to her childhood — during the Marcos dictatorship.  But a few administrations later, she said the dire situation in the Philippines has not changed — especially for the common folk.

“Lalo na lugmok ang pilipinas sa hirap sa mga policia na unequal at hindi maka tao.”

“Filipinos have suffered more with unequal and inhumane policies.”

Activists also protested outside the consulates of El Salvador, Bolivia, Ethiopia and Ecuador, saying that US militarization continues to have a negative impact on the four countries and the Philippines.

International solidarity is actually really important Southern California is home to many migrants and refugees who’ve been displaced and its actually the biggest population of Filipinos and many of them, majority are working class filipino, migrants who are facing really dire conditions and that because the root problems in the philippines, poverty and landlessness haven’t been solved under this duterte administration.

Throughout the mile long march, activists narrowed their demands to five things.

“End U.S. militarism at home and abroad, to defund the US department of homeland security. To divest from Boeing and other military contractors. Stop military recruitment of students and youth and to redirect funds to things we actually need housing, jobs and education,” said Dominico Vega, Anakbayan USA.

Each country having different stories but ultimately fighting for the same things on international human rights day and everyday.

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