LA County officials keeping close watch on carehome facilities

LOS ANGELES — With more coronavirus testings being made available, the number of confirmed cases in LA County jumped by more than 50 percent in one day alone — reaching 1,200.

Nine new deaths were reported, bringing COVID-19’s toll to 21.

As health officials gave their daily tallies on Thursday, they also said they’re keeping an even closer watch on a particular industry, one that involves many Filipino American workers. 

“We’re also investigating 14 institutional settings, primarily they’re mostly nursing homes, and long term facilities. All of these settings have at least one person who tested positive for covid19, either a staff person, or a resident of the facility,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, LA County Dept Of Public Health Director.

Many Filipinos that work in the caregiving industry are also becoming more and more concerned for their own safety.

Other Filipino caregivers throughout Southern California have told ABS-CBN News that since the coronavirus pandemic and the statewide shelter-in-place order, their facilities have taken extra safety measures, from increased sanitation, to strict visitor policies — with some facilities, going as far as prohibiting staff from re-entry after leaving the premises.

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