LA Archdiocese prays for immigrant rights at annual immigration mass

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles area is known as one of the largest immigrant hubs in the country. While it’s home to a diverse population, it’s also home to one of the biggest Catholic archdiocese in the nation. Steve Angeles tells us how the Catholic community there celebrates its immigrant community.



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  • noz
    21 July 2015 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    sadly, this archbishop from mexico is an accessory to illegal aliens unlawful activities in the USA, by using the catholic religion to confuse law abiding voters of a simple question, why is this archbishop promulgating the misguided, and wrongness of illegality. the propagandist woman was gushing her BS of illegal aliens are not criminals. hello????????????, since when is it criminal illegal aliens crossing the USA borders illegally, and those legal aliens given in good faith visitor visas, then turn criminal illegal aliens living in america with expired visas considered non criminal. the beef of this propagandist woman is her own attempt to fool the foolish public to believe illegal aliens are desirable aliens, by emphasizing illegal aliens are working hard in the USA. her own propaganda of illegal aliens are working hard in america is by itself unlawful, aka criminals, making her a deceiver, which is very bad, and wicked enough to con the weakling americans.