L.A. Filipino community hosts karaoke party, drawing attention to voter registration and participation

Hollywood, CA — Some karaoke, food and voter registrations.

With the California primary election today, the Filipino Voter Empowerment Project held the non-partisan “Karaoke and Vote.”

Launched two years ago, this was the latest in an ongoing series of events hoping to drive more Filipinos to the polls.

Elected officials joined some celebrities and community members, to remind people to cast their ballots by Tuesday.

In California, some 400 delegates are up for grabs.

In Los Angeles County, the elimination of assigned precincts for open vote centers have given registered voters a chance to be more engaged this season.

“There has been so many creative and innovative ways that the county has done to engage the Filipino American community to vote by giving them information they need to feel empowered and to actually go there cast vote. We’re just adding the extra incentives and extra education to really get them motivated to cast their vote and make sure their voice is heard,” said Alex DeOcampo.

California voters can register for the 2020 elections in person on March 3rd, Election Day.

Whether vote by mail, mobile vote centers or the precincts. Filipino voters have many ways to cast their ballots in LA County from now until the Tuesday deadline.

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