Kyla Ross admits she was abused by Larry Nassar

A high-profile Filipino American athlete has become the latest victim to speak out in the USA gymnastics sexual abuse scandal.

Kyla Ross, who won Olympic gold as a member of the Fierce 5 in the 2012 Summer Games, spoke out against former team doctor, Larry Nassar.

While it’s been several months since Dr. Nassar had been convicted of child pornography and sexual abuse, Ross revealed to the Associated Press that she’s come to the point in her life where she wants to share her story.

Ross revealed that the abuse happened when she was 13 years old, and at the time she thought it was a legitimate treatment.

She realized that it was abuse after hearing statements from other gymnasts.

Madison Kocian, a member of the 2016 team, also shared her story.

Both women, now gymnasts at UCLA, have filed civil lawsuits against Michigan State University where Nassar worked, and are also planning to file against the US Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics.

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