Korean Tourism Office reaches out to Pinoys

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

FORT LEE, N.J. – K–pop, K-food, K-fashion, K-drama. What is there not to love about Korea?

Korea has a new tourism slogan – “Imagine your Korea” and their newest ambassadors – the K-Pop group “Big Bang.”

Korea Tourism Organization’s Se Joon You says “pasalubong” shopping is easy when you stop by Korea on your way to the Philippines.

“The shopping is fantastic in Korea – you can get quality products with reasonable price, 24 hours a day,” Se Joon You said, “So Filipino people go to their home country via Korea, then they get that kind of products, it would be a good gift to your families and friends.”

What’s the best relaxing way to travel to the Philippines?

Korea Tourism Organization says flying aboard a hotel in the sky – Korean Air’s largest airline in the world – the Airbus 380.

It even boasts of an onboard celestial bar, lounge, and a duty free showcase where passengers can relax and shop on long hours of flight.

The Korean Tourism Organization is also offering free transit tours for passengers who have time to spare while on a layover at the Incheon Airport, from a 1-hour temple tour to a 5-hour Seoul shopping tour.

Korean Air’s Jong Woo Seo said, “That means you have the free chance to enjoy in Korea, free!”

Worried about airline safety? Jong Woo Seo says Korean Air is one of the safest airlines to travel in the world.

“This year there are so many accidents in airlines,” Jong Woo Seo said, “And we have some regulations from 10 years ago. We are consulting with the Delta Airlines and we have a more strict regulation in Korea Airline operations – that means that American guidelines, we already obey the guidelines.”

“People are worrying about safety, but Korean is one of the safest airlines in the world. There’s no problem for Filipinos to go to their home country using Korean, guaranteed,” said Se Joon You.

Filipino Americans are the largest number of passengers flying Korean Airlines after Korean-Americans, according to the Tourism Organization.

Last year the number of foreign visitors to Korea exceeded 12 million, and the Korean tourism office hopes to exceed that this year.

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