Korean Air offers new routes from the U.S. to Clark Int’l Airport in Pampanga

There’s a new option for U.S. travelers who want to go the Philippines, but may not want to land at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

Korean Air, which already operates flights from the US to Manila and Cebu has added Clark International Airport in Pampanga in its destinations.

“Clark will be a great choice. I heard Manila and Cebu is congestion, the hassle and a lot of passengers traveling to it, Clark will be a much more convenient airport that you arrive into go through immigration and customs,” says Alan Fan.

For added convenience, Korean Air passengers can get to any of the three Philippine airports from multiple cities in the US.

“We have the most gateways out of the United States, we have 15 gateways out of North America and of course our hub in Incheon. From Incheon we go two flights a day to Manila, one flight per day to Cebu, and one flight now to Clark so that should be the best choice, most convenient schedule into the Philippines out of the United States.”

While Clark International Airport makes access to Northern Philippines much easier, the Philippine Department of Tourism said cited other good reasons to land at the former US Air Base.

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