Kobe Paras on representing for Team Gilas

While many Filipino fans enjoyed the Clippers celebration of Filipino Heritage, one of the country’s most high profile basketball representatives was also at the event.

Cal State Northridge’s Kobe Paras hung out on the sidelines of the Filipino American celebrity basketball game coaching Apl de Ap’s team.

Paras was recently named to the Gilas initial pool of 23 for 2023 FIBA world championships.

While he was happy about his inclusion he was also hoping to meet with the other US-based representatives.

“I’m happy that coach picked me as well. I love representing my country, so I’m just really happy that he chose me for that,” Paras said. “I saw the other day they practiced. So that’s good… I gotta talk to Dwight, but I’ve seen Remy play. I need to talk to them though. Because we’re representing LA and the Philippines so it’s going to be cool. I want to see them on the team.”

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