Kobe Paras dabs his way through graduation

LOS ANGELES – Basketball prodigy Kobe Paras now has his own nameplate at the University of California, Los Angeles Bruin’s locker room.

Paras, 18, recently graduated from Cathedral High School joined by his family: Philippine Basketball Association legend and father Benji Paras, stepmother Lyxen Diomampo and brother Andre.

“It was an unbelievable journey,” Paras said. “I would never forget it. It taught me a lot not just in basketball but life wise.”

UCLA Bruins signed Paras in November and tweeted a photo of his nameplate that includes his jersey number, 12, and hometown, the Philippines.

“I’m just pretty excited it’s UCLA, one of the best in SoCal,” Paras said. “I just can’t wait to be part of an amazing historical program.”

Paras said he will immediately check into UCLA and begin to practice as soon as possible.

UCLA’s academic quarter begins in September and college basketball games will begin in November

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