Kobe Paras goes back to the books, talks college and future

Fresh off his college finals, Kobe Paras is back in Southern California at the Dunking Frogs Foundation extravaganza, celebrating the Middlebrooks Academy Graduation, and Cathedral High school program.

The alumni got a chance to meet with the players who are now following his footsteps.

As he congratulates these young players, Paras is now back on the college recruitment trail.

Last month, Paras asked to be released from his scholarship at Creighton University in Nebraska — after appearing in 15 games, and averaging less than 5 minutes per appearance, scoring 1.3 points per game.

He did well in the classroom, with a 3.7 grade point average prior to last week’s finals.

“I’m just thankful to Creighton for giving me a chance on my freshman year. I thought I was going to play this year and that didn’t happen, so I’m just hoping me moving is the best decision for me and whatever college I choose here on the West Coast is a nice fit,” he shared. “It was hard. I made endless relationships with people back in Nebraska and the coaches helped me a lot, but I think right now for me, I’m facing adversity again.”

Since his release, several schools on the West Coast have contacted the incoming college sophomore.

“I just want to take all the visits I can just to see what the coaches want and the people want. I just really want to be in a place where they’re gonna focus not just on me, but on a winning program too.”

Despite looking forward to a new school and more playing time, NCAA rules on transfer students will require Paras to sit out a year.

“It sucks, but at least now I have time to work on me and I could work on my studies, because that’s important for me as well. I just want to be in a place where the education is great, and that I could just play.”

Paras will go back to the Philippines this week.

While he’s not playing in the South East Asia Basketball championships, he’s pulling for Gilas to bring home the gold..

“I wish I was a part of it. I’d love to play for my national team, it’s been a while… I think the national teams I’ve been in have been more for three-on-three. I haven’t been on a five-on-five games. Hopefully if there’s an upcoming national team, I want to be a part of it. ”

As he looks forward to some family time in the Philippines, he says he hopes to catch some of the games live.

When Kobe gets back to California and decides on which school to bring his talents to, he won’t only be hitting the gym — he will be hitting the books first, getting a head start in summer school.



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