Kobe Bryant on the courage and inspiration in Jamie Foxx, Michael B. Jordan drama “Just Mercy”

Kobe Bryant lent a huge assist to the Warner Bros. drama “Just Mercy” at a recent community screening in Los Angeles.

The film shows the severe injustices suffered by African-Americans accused of crimes they did not commit.

It’s the true story of lawyer and activist Bryan Stevenson, and the people whose wrongfully condemned lives he fought to save.

“What Bryan had to go through and the amount of perseverance in the face of true fear, true danger — it’s not like you know the fear of missing a game-winning shot, and then you lose the game or you lose the chain,” said Bryant. “No, it’s dealing with real-life consequences. And to be able to have that amount of courage, that amount of determination, that amount of focus to persevere through tremendous odds, you’re going to leave this theater feeling inspired.”

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