Kobe Bryant fans in L.A. and all over the world create makeshift memorials, murals in honor of the fallen basketball legend

LOS ANGELES — Emotional reactions from Los Angeles and other parts of the world — following the untimely death of LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and eight others, including his daughter.

More balloons, art walls, multilingual messages scribbled across the LA Live plaza just outside Staples Center, basketball legend’s Kobe Bryant home for 20 years.

At the Mamba Academy in Thousand Oaks, California — co-founded by Bryant — the All-Star realized his dream of mentoring young athletes.

There’s no slowing down the Mamba Mentality among fans who continue to pay tribute to Bryant, who passed away last Sunday in a helicopter crash with his teen daughter Gianna and seven others, who were on their way to a basketball game.

“I can’t even believe it still, it could be a long time maybe a month, it’s going to be hard every time we watch a Lakers game,” said Gregg Palanca.

“Keep on playing basketball, even up there, and eight is his number — so keep on balling, eight,” said Chris.

While the Staples Center continues to be the epicenter of the Black Mamba’s impromptu memorial, the rest of the world continues to grieve for Bryant.

Even outside his Newport Beach home, fans created a memorial in his honor.

Arenas, City Halls and landmarks throughout the country lit up in Purple and Gold, and buildings carried tribute messages.

For Filipino fans, the tragedy hit even harder as news came out that among the nine victims in the helicopter crash was Filipino American assistant coach Christina Mauser.

Mauser was an assistant coach at Bryant’s Mamba Academy, as well as Gigi Bryant’s Harbor Day School in Newport Beach where flags flew half staff. She left behind three young children and her husband Matt, a musician.

“Our heart just goes out to all the families, 9 lives were lost,” said Roxy Ignacio. 

As the memorials grow, and more information on the other passengers surface, fans here said that for their part — they’re not sure how long their healing process will take.

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