Know the warning signs: mental health, school bullying

Alexis David, a school social worker in the Bay Area, joins BA in the studio. She is the co-founder of the Filipino Mental Health Initiative in San Francisco.

Alexis, former classmates have described the suspect in the Parkland, Florida school shooting as “weird,” “a little off,” and “a loner.” Are these warning signs that should have been reported?

In this day and age when school shootings are becoming more and more prevalent — what can students do to stay vigilant?


In any school, there are those who are considered outsiders — those who are socially awkward. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are dangerous. Do you think being overly vigilant among students could increase cases of bullying in schools?


As the nation’s leaders tackle school safety and mental health — as well as gun control — what are the roles of the adults, the school staff and the parents, to make sure they do their part in keeping the children safe from harm?

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