Kilauea volcano latest: Community comes together to rebuild

HAWAII — While Kilauea volcano is busy changing the landscape of the Big Island, creating about 8 square miles of new lava fields so far, volunteers and the Hawaii National Guard soldiers are putting the finishing touches to a new community they built.

These 10 by 12 housing units will soon be ready to become homes to 20 households.

“It depends on weather, so pending weather conditions, we’re hoping by end of next week,” said Brandee Menino, CEO of Hope Services Hawaii.

Hope Services Hawaii led this housing project, counting on volunteers and donations from community members, businesses and land from Pahoa Sacred Heart Church.

Menino tells us that over sixty families signed up for these small housing units.

For the past four days, large earthquakes and explosions have been occurring at the summit of Kilauea.

This morning, the Hawaii County civil defense agency warns of volcanic air pollution hazards in the form of a large laze plume, vog and ash explosions.

“I’m from the Kona side, the west side of the island. Right now that side is getting a big hit with the vog, and my family is over there, my kids are over there, my wife is over there, and now I’m here working so it feels good to provide the support and also think of this whole island because it’s affecting the whole island,” said Michael Martinez, Hawaii Army National Guard.

A community meeting on volcanic ash and vog is scheduled for tonight at the ocean view community center.

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