Keith Thurman tells Filipino fans that it’s “game over” for the Pacman

LAS VEGAS — Fight week is officially here as undefeated American boxer Keith Thurman made his way through the crowd of proud Pinoy fans to deliver a bold message during the grand arrival ceremony.

“Just fighting a legend like Manny Pacquiao, right now, is the greatest moment I’ve ever had. So Saturday night I’m gonna live the moment to the fullest and I’m going to be victorious.”

Despite giving the 8-division champion some praise for his achievements, the undefeated super welterweight champion didn’t back down on his comments when it came to ending Pacquiao’s illustrious career.

“It’s game over baby. I just showed up and it’s game over. It’s game over. Read the back, do you want to continue the answer is no! There is no continuation after this baby! I’m the real deal and Pacquiao is gonna feel it.”

Despite the fighting words that the 30-year old American has thrown at the Philippine senator, “One Time” gave this message to Filipino fans.

When it was the Pacman’s turn to step on stage, he brought in a much larger group, and spoke much softer.

Pacman and Thurman did not go on stage at the same time during the grand arrivals, so if they have anything to say to each other face to face they’ll have to wait till the press conference and the weigh-ins.

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