Kayamanan ng Lahi dance troupe encourages younger members to stay rooted in Filipino culture and history

Thankful for culture and heritage. Kayamanan ng Lahi celebrated “Indak Pambata at Pasasalamat,” showcasing folk dances from different regions of the Philippines.

“Our mission has been and is to promote Philippine culture through dance, music and song… and this is why we do this. Kayamanan ng Lahi exists to transform lives through culture.”

This year, aside from the carefully created costumes, and mastered dances, students took part in the California Humanities documentary project — exploring cultural identity, dance and their families’ histories.

Community members, including some of BA’s very own journalists, participated in the project, mentoring young and proud Fil-Ams.

 Kayamanan ng Lahi is on its 29th year, and has spanned multiple generations within families, like Bridgette Jopanda’s. 

“Being in kayamanan it teaches the children more history within our culture.”

“It’s important for us the kids learn and understand the history behind the dances in different provinces.”

“This place has taught me how to articulate how to present myself in the world, how to represent my culture.”

The fifth member of Kayamanan ng Lahi from the Jopanda family just made his debut — this little fellow, Andrew, who stole the show.


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