Kauai storm leaves major island damage, hundreds displaced

KAUAI, HI — The recent storm in Kauai left behind trucks buried in mud, damaged roadways, and landslides that are blocking roads into communities.

“We haven’t had a chance to do damage assessment yet, because the roads are all blocked and the weather was bad. But today is sunny. And that would tell us how many people affected and what they need,” said Coralie Chun Matayoshi.

Matayoshi tells us there is some worry that it would be worse than what they’ve seen from above.

On Monday, Governor David Ige and Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho surveyed the areas hard hit by last weekend’s storm. Their first priority is gaining access to those impacted communities.

Matayoshi tells us as of Tuesday morning, 13 people are still in a shelter but most just wanted to stay in their homes and rely on neighbors for help.

“On Kauai, it was Waineha and Kalua – those are places with hundreds of rescues, people on rooftops. People caught by surprise. A lot of people scrambled to get to their roofs for safety and got plucked off the roof either by helicopter or by boat.”

Governor Ige said 152 people were evacuated by helicopter this weekend, 121 by bus and others by water.

He said in a statement that they are establishing landing zones for aircraft so supplies and aid can get to cut-off areas.

The Hawaii Air national guard has been deployed to help.

Meanwhile, power has been restored to most areas in Kauai, but notices were sent out to not drink the water.

Matayoshi tells us, they will know better how much aid and help they would need once they get to those stranded.


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