Kapamilya stars rock out for a packed house at ASAP Live in NY

It was a historic night for Filipinos in the US as ASAP Live in New York became the first Filipino musical extravaganza to stage a show at the prestigious Barclays Center in Brooklyn last Saturday. Don Tagala returns to tell us more about how the stars aligned for these Kapamilya fans,  Pinoy and non-Pinoy alike.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    10 October 2016 at 6:13 am - Reply

    According to Doctor Generoso Acob, N.Y. City resident, he took his family and friends to several Filipino restaurants like Jeepney, Maharlika and Grill 21 and enjoyed varieties of the best Filipino foods… Doctor Acob cited that instead of wasting his time and money in watching “FRUITY FRUIT CAKE” packed Kapamilya Shows, he would rather find something his money is worth spending for. Acob further argued that those Kapamilya celebrities who went to New York are so much about themselves that they do not really care about their kababayans except their money…Acob commented that Vice Ganda is so much of a “social hypocrite” preying on the younger good looking boys…he does all the time during many talent shows…if you resist his advances, you are not going to win or advance to the next level…it is sad but this is the harsh truth and it is indisputable…

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    15 October 2016 at 6:43 am - Reply

    This Kapamilya thing advocates, promotes, advertise or annoys their Kababayans about this movie Barcelona Daniel Padilla and Katherine Bernardo starred… I have seen almost all the movies or tele-serye show this two had, they’re not that good…This is why…I do not know Daniel Padilla nor Katherine Bernardo at all, neither any of the love team combinations…if an actor or actress is really good, it will “capture” your attention whether you like it or not…there might be some barriers, but it will work its way to you…
    I know what the industry is doing, even a blind mouse can see it…Out there, they’ll pick the so-called Barcelona fan to described their experience about the movie…how good Padilla and Bernardo performed? To the extreme, they’ll grab Piolo, Maja, or anybody out there just to talk good about Barcelona?
    I have seen the same style before…gathering as many speaker-promoter and the movie SUCKED!!!

    When the tele-serye “On The Wings Of Love” came out, it was WOW, the BEST! Nobody was out there annoying anyone but it was definitely the BEST…it still shows… Now, I do not know James Reid and Nadine Lustre, never met or seen them before, they are not “OA” unlike others…what really kills Filipino movies is the too much OA factor added…that why “Til I Met You is really gaining momentum over any other shows…