Kalayaan Philippine Independence Day reception and protest at DC Trump International Hotel

WASHINGTON DC — Philippine ambassador to the US Jose Manuel Romualdez congratulated President Donald Trump as he leads the Filipino community’s celebration of Philippine independence at Trump International Hotel in Washington DC.

With him, representing the US, is undersecretary of the Navy Thomas Modly.

Romualdez says it’s an honor for him to have his first independence day reception at the famed Trump international hotel.

“Having it in a hotel that happens to have his name, is not necessarily the end-all be-all, it’s a statement, it’s a statement that we have a good relationship with this president.”

While about 300 attendees are enjoying the short independence day program and Filipino feast inside the largest luxury ballroom in Washington DC, protesters outside the hotel say they want to bring the attention of attendees to what’s happening in the Philippines.

“We are urging President Trump to really squeeze president Xi Jing Ping, for his imperial ambitions in the South East Asian Sea,” said Malaya Movement’s Eric Lachica. “We support our allies the human rights advocates to ensure the human rights, respect for human rights will be restored in the Philippines.”

Lachica also said that Washington DC and the state of Maryland has sued the president — charging that Trump’s profit from the hotel violate anti-corruption clauses or emolument clauses of the US Constitution that restrict the president from making money off his presidency.

“It’s a very extravagant celebration, to try to curry favor with president Trump,” said Lachica. “I
think very desperate yung move ni ambassador Romualdez, he’s a good fellow I met with him several times, but I think it’s the wrong move.”

About 300 guests had the opportunity to taste the Philippine embassy’s award-winning great pork dish from Chef Abie Sincioco Mateo – her sisig won first place in both the judges choice and people’s choice in an embassy chef challenge last May.


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