Judge Barrett’s Senate confirmation hearing set for Oct. 12

The Senate Judiciary Committee is gearing up to begin confirmation hearings for the 115th Supreme Court Justice. President Donald Trump announced Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee Saturday, his third U.S. Supreme Court appointment.

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  • Mario
    30 September 2020 at 1:27 am - Reply

    As predicted TRUMP is the most powerful President ever elected, he will appoint the 3rd JUSTICE in the SC, the GOP has the vote, it will be 6-3 conservative, a Catholic, 7 children with 2 black adopted son and daughter, and a Law professor. Appointment will dictate the future of AMERICA, mean US will be a CONSERVATIVE country for 50 or more year. Justice THOMAS, will retire at 72 if TRUMP wins, Jus.BREYER is 82, in the next 4 yrs likely to retire, TRUMP 4th pick making 7-2 conservative, Justice SOTOMAYOR, health is type 1 diabetic with juvenile-onset, woman expectancy, under those circumstances, is 68, SOTOMAYOR is 66. TRUMP 5th pick making 8-1. NANCY PELOSI wants to place a term limit on SC Justice to 18 years. It can be done but IMPOSSIBLE, Constitutional convention in order to amend the Constitution, it will never happen. $300Million raised by the DEMS to destroy and take out Judge BARRETT, starting Oct 12-22, we will see how this 48 yrs old Judge, defend herself, like what the DEMS did on Justice Kavanaught..