Jose Vargas receives award, invites Trump to discuss controversial issues

June 22, 2016

NEW YORK CITY – New York’s Center for LGBT Studies or CLAGS honored Jose Antonio Vargas with the 2016 Joe Esteban Award for being a leader in the field of Queer Studies.  CLAGS is the first university-based LGBT research center in the U.S.

The event was also a conversation with the Pulitzer prize winner and Emmy-nominated filmmaker about Pride Month, the Orlando gay nightclub mass shooting and the 2016 presidential election.

Vargas admitted to inviting the GOP presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump, for a conversation on controversial issues.  He said, “You know I’ve been trying to get an interview with Donald Trump, I figured if he was trying to win the White House on the back of all these misinformation and bigotry about immigration, at least he should talk to us about it. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had the courage.”

Vargas said Trump’s recent campaign shake up and financial woes do not necessarily mean it’s the end of the road for Trump.  Vargas reasoned, ‘I actually do not think we should underestimate that Donald Trump could possibly win this election. We should not underestimate him. White people are very very energized, in the forced reality television election we’ve ever had – it’s like watching The Real Housewives meets The Apprentice all in one.”

Five years ago today, Vargas came out as an undocumented immigrants via a New York Times article.  He also publicly came out as gay.  He said, “The biggest thing, I have to say, is earning my privilege — you are looking at the most privileged undocumented immigrant in America, I am, so I have to own that. I have to own what that means (without punishing myself too much for it) and trying to speak in the most authentic and organic way that I can.”

Meanwhile, the recent Orlando gay nightclub shooting that killed 49 people gave Pride Month a new meaning — a push for a safer gun policy is expected during the NYC Pride Parade on Sunday.  The Human Rights Campaign, one of the most successful lobbying groups in the U.S. has declared war on the National Rifle Association last Friday.

Ben de Guzman, who belongs to the executive committee of the FilVetRep said, “Unfortunately, this is kind of an example that people need in order to move them. I think that conversations that are happening now around what safety means, you know, that we’re looking at gun control but we’re talking about it through the lens of terrorism.”

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy, organizers said the Pride Parade in New York City will continue as planned on Sunday, June 26, while the NYPD will help ensure the safety of the millions of marchers and spectators.

Their reason: to never allow those who wish to silence the LGBTQ community — win.


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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    22 June 2016 at 7:18 pm - Reply

    There goes Jose “Pimpdaddy” Vargas is coming out of the closet once again. To make his head bigger, he received the infamous Becky Award. Well, Jose looks like he’s been gaining weight? What can we expect when people like Vargas opens their big mouth…they’ll be gaining a lot of weight by eating Lechon and Sisig…from Isla Restaurant, baby… The problem with Vargas is that he takes advantage of every chance he gets with the media. He starts talking loud by inviting Trump into his cheaply choreograph Balitang America talk show? Filipinos are not that dumb or low to just buy into Vargas auction talk? We’d really wish Trump showed up, so that all this illegal events and transactions are done and over with…Pulitzer for what?

    23 June 2016 at 12:42 pm - Reply

    Look at this Jerk, Jose Vargas one of the illegal people in America. Guess what Jose Vargas, President Obama just lost in the high court his bill to help 4 million illegal people in America, yes the higher court said he can’t do what he wants without going to congress first he can’t just past them and do what he wants in America. And guess what Jose Vargas I hope your the very first one the FBI pick up and take you to a airport and put on a plane to go back to your country where you belong, not with us in America. Hey Jose Vargas you look like a “CLOWN.” I wish I was the one to pick you up to take to the airport, I’ll tell some words in your ear and it would be good for you that you going back to your country where you belong. I wish you can make can see Donald Trump, maybe he might kick you in your rear end or tell the FBI to take this clown down to the airport and put you Jose Vargas on a airplane and get you the hell of our country you illegal that broke the America law you “JERK.”