Jose Vargas: Optimistic Obama will deliver on executive action

SAN FRANCISCO – As President Obama is expected to announce details of his executive action on immigration tomorrow, the country’s most recognizable undocumented, Jose Antonio Vargas, says the president is doing the right thing regardless of the backlash he is receiving from a new Republican majority.

“I think the president is saying an action is not acceptable anymore and he’s saying the status quo can’t remain,” said Vargas. “The House Republicans can supersede the president, what the president does, by actually passing immigration reform, but if all they want to do is point fingers and say, ‘Mr. President, you can’t do it.’ I think the American public, poll after poll, has shown the American people want a solution.”

Vargas says that is ultimately up to the people to really show how the immigration issue is important in America.

“I think our job is to get it out of both of these parties and make it a civil right, human rights issue,” said the undocumented activist, “that people know what’s happening and people know we must act on.”

Jose Antonio Vargas has been traveling around the country showing his film “Documented: A Film by an Undocumented American”, so more people can have conversations about the topic of undocumented immigrants in America.

Among the audience was San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, who says that his diverse city is full of undocumented immigrants. The mayor supports Vargas and the president in finding a way to help them find a path to citizenship.

“We need to have a path forward, and they may have to go through some hurdles,” said Lee. “While as mayor of San Francisco, I want to make sure those hurdles are dealt with.”

Vargas remains optimistic that the president will deliver on his promise.

“I remember when Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals got announced two years ago,” said Vargas.

“My lola called me because she knew I didn’t qualify, and her voice was like, ‘how could you not [be] part of this?’ So I’m hoping when the president announces this thing, my lola will be happy because I will be a part of it.”

Vargas will continue to use technology and social media to educate people about his experiences growing up in America by directing a new documentary project for MTV. It will be called the “Look Different” campaign, and will examine what it means to be young and white in America.

Is fixing America's broken immigration system a political issue or a humanitarian concern?

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  • noz
    19 November 2014 at 7:19 pm - Reply

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    the talk of this nefarious illegal alien are all for their own self interest, detrimental to this nation. the CA donkey politicians are into illegitimate association with illegal aliens as their bargaining chips to stay in power politically, all in the name of their own self interest as well. thus, these two groups, the illegal aliens and the donkey politicians headed by obozo are the filthiest groups ever formed, and must be thrown out for america’s survival.

    shameless illegal alien freely spreading his lies to those they can victimize. all his manufactured stories, made up film as an illegal alien to make people feel compassionate, and to grant them the immoral wish of amnesty is the oldest tricks in the book. people in general are clueless of america is taking over a million legal residents aka green card recipients. once over trusting, law abiding people learned of legal immigration, they all want the rule of law followed, the DEPORTATION illegal aliens.

    only in america can an illegal alien play in your face defiance, like an untouchable criminal, too proud as if the law is in his side. try doing the same in other industrialized countries, better yet try doing the same in the PH, see where you all illegal aliens will end up, right in the swamp.