Jose Manuel Romualdez arrives at SF Philippine consulate

SAN FRANCISCO — Philippine Ambassador to the United States, Jose Manuel Romualdez, arrived at the Philippine consulate in San Francisco.

This is his first visit to the Bay Area since assuming his post — however, the ambassador has called the area home for many years as a media practitioner and media executive.

“It’s an honor for me to do this for our country. But I’m really here because I feel that this is probably one way of giving back the Philippines, which we all owe our debt of gratitude.”

Earlier that day, the ambassador met with over 30 Filipino partners of the consulate’s program of Spark, Connect, Empower.

He also officially opened Spark 447 — the office space dedicated to assist Filipino start-up companies in Silicon Valley.

“It’s also a good connection between the old and new. And that’s where we’re going. The Philippines today is poised to really take off. The kind of take off we’ve been waiting for, for many years.”

Ambassador Romualdez reassured the community that while there may be some disagreements between the US and the Philippine governments, the partnership is still strong — thanks to what he says is the contributions of Filipino-Americans to US society.

“No matter what happens our relationship with this country remains solid and firm.”

Ambassador Romualdez was originally offered the position in October of 2016 but declined due to eye surgery, which kept him from traveling.

He was officially appointed July 27, 2018.

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