Jose Antonio Vargas’ outcry against Trump’s plan to end chain migration

PALO ALTO, CA — Non-profit organization based in the Silicon Valley Able Works brought together over 200 people from the community to listen to three prominent activists within the undocumented community.

Among them is one of the most recognized advocates for undocumented immigrants, Jose Antonio Vargas.

Organizers felt Vargas was essential in informing the community with insights on the issue of undocumented immigrants in America.


“The first thing we would like to have a conversation in the middle of a time that’s contentious. I don’t feel there’s a place anymore where people can come together, think about the problem deeply, and create proactive steps to move forward,” said John Liotti, CEO.

Vargas fights back against Trump’s plan to end chain migration, which is a form of family reunification.


“What this administration wants to do is cut an immigration legal system in half. Like all of the Asians people in particular that you see in the Bay Area, they’re here because most of them because they got petitioned by their brother or sister or parents. If Trump gets his way and Congress lets him do it that would not be allowed.”

Noel Castellanos — who is president of the Christian Community Development Association based in Chicago — says he works directly in the neighborhoods of undocumented immigrants, and they are aware that ice agents have been stepping up their attempts at arrests and detainment.


“Whenever there’s an ICE raid, like here in the Bay Area, it creates all kinds of chaos for the kids, for the parents and the loss kind of workforce we have as well,” said Castellanos. “It’s really the human toll is very, very deep.”

Alicia Ponce Diaz is a staff member at able works who works closely with undocumented students, so she sees first-hand the worry of these kids when it comes to their future in this country.

“All of these students, they have operated for pretty much their entire lives as though this is their home, this is their country,” she said. “But I think more or less now you feel a lot of the anxiety and the pressure of these students where they no longer feel they belong to a place they should be calling home.”

Congress will revisit negotiations prior to the february eight deadline where immigration will be discussed as part of government funding.

President Trump has until March 5th to ultimately decide the fate of the Dreamers — which is the deadline to phase out the DACA program.


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  • Mario
    2 February 2018 at 10:45 pm - Reply

    TRUMP presented to Congress the 4 pillars plan on immigration; (1) Path to citizenship for 1.8 M Dreamers(DACA)(2) secure border wall(3)End Visa lottery(4)End chain migration. It need 60 votes to pass, Republican-51, Democrat-49, Trump need 9 Democrat votes to pass a bill. Vargas, DACA recipient, soon Trump will give him Amnesty, he should tell his Democrat Senators to go to work and pass the bill, they can do it within one week. The Democrat should not DELAY until March 4 for DACA extension to expire, then blame Trump again.Trump violated his campaign promised, said NO-Amnesty to illegal, but today for the sake of UNITY on both party he give way, he is waiting for the Democrat to pass the bill. Remember the Democrat and Obama in power for 8 years , promised path to citizenship for illegal alien…. they lied, nothing happened. Today Trump made the offer…grab it.

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    10 February 2018 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    The only political party who introduced and abused the highly controversial DACA are the “democrats”… although it is wrong, they continue to do so… Since it is a bipartisan argument, the majority of senate/congress would not just vote for the wrong and cheap reason… they are going to shutdown DACA. Tolerating DACA is anarchy… it was a cheap shot that illegal immigrants did (sneaking in little kids into the U.S.) and Americans are being attacked by guilty minds by portraying DACA recipients as no fault of their own but their parents…