Jordan Clarkson’s Lola and Philippine heritage

Marcelina Tullao Kingsolver may be LA Lakers’ Pinoy basketball player, Jordan Clarkson, biggest fan, and the affection is often returned by the 24-year-old star.

“I always say my grandson the superstar!” she laughed. “I just say it just like that because that’s the way I feel I’m very proud of him.”

The NBA player can trace his Pinoy heritage to Pampanga, where Marcelina met his grandfather; a member of the US Air Force, stationed in Clark.

They gave birth to Jordan’s biological mother Annette Davies in the Philippines. When Annette was four, they lived the military life from station to station.
Annette eventually enlisted into the Air Force as well.

Jordan’s father, Coach Mike Clarkson is also an Air Force veteran.

Despite the military roots, from a young age, Jordan broke family tradition: choosing basketball.

During the Laker star’s appearance at the 2017 Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, the family joined him on stage.

Outside of his game and celebrity status, Lola is proud that her grandson celebrates his Pinoy roots.

“My grandson is a natural, see how react when he’s with all the kids, all the Filipinos, people when he was in the Philippines,” she shared. “See how he reacts to them; he’s just a natural. Look at the first time I see the pictures when he’s playing with the kids.”

The Pinoy pride extends throughout this military family; even Jordan’s American stepmom, who’s also gotten a taste of the Filipino food movement.

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