Jordan Clarkson holds charity event as he stays on Gilas standby

CALIFORNIA  — A Lakers reunion at the third annual Jordan Clarkson “Lace it Up for Charity” basketball tournament.

While Filipino fans came to support the NBA’s lone Fil-Am player, Clarkson’s first coach Byron Scott and his Filipina fiancé Cece Gutierrez and former teammate Metta World Peace also came to watch some 200 players take the court for a good cause.

This year, the charity focused on veterans — a group near and dear to the Clarkson family’s heart.

As the NBA’s fashion icon continues to give back and improve his game he’s also on standby mode hoping to represent the philippines.

The FIBA world cup takes place next month, and Clarkson is in the pool. However, FIBA continues to challenge his eligibility to play as a local player.

For now, Gilas has used it slot for naturalized players on Andray Blatche.

“I’m just staying ready, just working, if I get the opportunity it’ll happen if not it’s just it is what it is and I’ll have to suit up another time, but other than that everything has been going great — I’m just being patient and staying ready.”

As Clarkson continues his offseason training, Gilas will begin its training camp for FIBA this week and will take its preparations to Spain the week before the World Cup.

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