Jordan Clarkson backs NBA teams in boycott for Black lives

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With the recent officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake, in Kenosha, Wis., NBA teams boycotted the NBA playoffs on Wednesday when players voiced their frustration over social injustices and ongoing systemic racism.

For the past several days, the league’s lone Fil-Am player Jordan Clarkson had also been in the conversation, tweeting out support for Blake while demanding social change. During his Wednesday afternoon media session, Clarkson also showed support for teams that decided to boycott games to make a statement.

The Utah Jazz was scheduled to play against the Denver Nuggets on Thursday, however, Thursday’s games were postponed. The playoffs may resume as early as Friday. Clarkson, said that many of the players continue to talk about the incident.

“It’s never not in the back of everybody’s mind,” Clarkson told reporters. “We’re all trying to be here, support it, and make change and make people realize that we need it.”

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  • Mario
    28 August 2020 at 4:36 pm - Reply

    ROBERT JAWORSKI was spotted by NBA Draft during the 1972 Olympics. Jerry West was impressed and wanted him to play for Lakers, the same thing with Wilt Chamberlain wanted him to play for NY Knicks. He declines he should have been the first PINOY and riches PINOY NBA Player. Today ERIK SPOELSTRA coach of MIAMI HEAT is the riches NBA-Pinoy, with a Networth of $10 Million. Fil-Am Jordan CLARKSON, of UTAH JAZZ, has a 5-yrs market value of $5.1 Million. His future to earn $10M is a long way to go. I told him to stay neutral when it comes to Politics. Joining or supporting the BLM will not give him a better future. Supposing after the election TRUMP advisers will o declare BLM as a TERRORIST organization, just a stroke of a pen, MAGA loyalist not afraid of re-election, anymore, will hunt down BLM members. TRUMP winning campaign line is DOUBLE the Police Force, while Democrat wants to DEFUND and replace the Police. Voters, want SAFE Community, new recruit Police will be watching Clarkson, his relatives, friends, being a terrorist supporter. Stay away from politics until you are a multi millionaire.