Joe Biden pledges to fix immigration backlogs, keep DACA intact

LAS VEGAS, NV — Former vice president and now Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden continues to make the rounds — hitting the silver state while on the campaign trail. 

In Las Vegas, he met with Filipino American voters, and pledged to champion their causes.

When it comes to immigration, Biden said he would eliminate the long wait times for family-based petitions, and provide relief to those affected by the visa backlogs.

“You should be able to be in a position while you are waiting for a green card to come here to take care of a family member whose been here who’s aging you should be able to have that done while waiting for your green card.”

Unlike President Donald Trump who wants to cut legal immigration, Biden wants to increase the number of legal immigrants.

“There’s direct co-relation between the sacrifice made. We are the country we are because of immigrants.”

Biden said that if elected he will make sure the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or DACA stays intact.

He stressed that the Obama-era DACA has helped so many immigrants, including Filipinos.

Besides immigration, Biden also acknowledged the contributions of Filipino World War II veterans to American freedom. Fighting for their full military benefits is an issue that is very close to Biden’s heart.

“They help us won a war, people gave their lives, over 50, 60, 70,000 fought and when the war was over they call it the recission act. They didn’t get rewarded like other veterans did. The generation of the America has come along today have no idea what instrumental the Filipino military played in defeating the Japanese.”

Biden thanked Filipino Americans for their contributions — saying that immigrants are what make America great.

“You guys are incredible, we are a country that is built by you. And so many people like you. And the reason is you are determined you are optimistic you are resilient you’ve been through a lot and you still believe we can do this so I say to you thank you thank you for making us stronger.”

Sanders and nine other Democratic presidential candidates will face off for the fifth Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday night in Atlanta.


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  • Mario
    20 November 2019 at 6:56 pm - Reply

    BIDEN are familiar with the Filipino Immigration problems, familiar with DACA and Filipino WW2 veteran. Promised if elected he will help the Filipino community… This is LIES they have 8 years with Obama to fix this problem, NOTHING happened, they only USED and remember Pinoys talents/voters when election is coming.