Jocelyn Enriquez and Ruby Ibarra on music careers, Pinay pride

DALY CITY, CA — It has been more than 15 years since Jocelyn Enriquez performed in her home turf — the San Francisco Bay Area.

But during this past weekend’s Filipino American history month celebration, Kasayahan, in Daly City — the queen of freestyle did not miss a beat.

Fans sang along with her to all-time hits like “do you miss me?” and “I’ve been thinking about you.”

Another rising Pinay artist, rapper Ruby Ibarra, opened for Enriquez hyping up the crowd to songs from her hit album “Circa 91.”

The artists were also able to perform together.

After sharing the stage, the Pinay artists sat down in the TFC studio to interview each other about their careers.

“I just remember being so impressed with the beats and the music and hearing your voice too on the radio, and I think when I look back on it now and reflect on it, I realize those were all important and powerful moments for me because had I not had a figure like you in my life maybe it would be harder to venture into the field I am in now.”

“For me I’ve been out of the industry for such a long time but yet to see people still doing their thing and loving their craft so much more and appreciating it really speaks volumes… so thank you for letting me share that stage and lovely people; it’s our kababayans, it’s a proud moment for all of us.”

“Honestly leading up to the performance people would come up to me and say I’m excited for you, but to be honest with you I am terrified. I want to be you right now. But at the end of the day really when I got on stage, and you just hear your family support you it was overwhelming. And this whole experience has been overwhelming since day one because I was settled and there’s so much more to music.”

Enriquez is currently working on a new album while Ibarra continues to tour the U.S.

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