Jo Koy’s new Netflix show debuts in time for Philippine Independence Day anniversary

JoKoy has been dishing out jokes on the Filipino culture from the very beginning of his career — but in his new Netflix special ‘JoKoy: In His Elements.’

He also brings world audiences to the Philippines quite literally.

Shot completely in the Philippines, the special follows JoKoy and his closest friends from the American entertainment industry, as they visit and experience local food and culture, and feature Pinoy talents as well.

“When I had this show idea, I was like it’s got to be a variety show. It’s got to be just like what they watch in the Philippines. I wanna bring Filipinos from America that have not been to the motherland.”

Along with showcasing Pinoy pride, the new Jo Koy Netflix special is an ode to the culture that has strongly impacted him and his humor from a young age.

“Everytime I land in the ph, something in my brain just hits flashback mode and it takes my back to my childhood because I lived there for 6 years – I was there for a very influential part of my life. I love my dad a hundred percent, I love him so much but my aunts, my uncles, my sisters, those are the ones that raised me and taught me about life and how to be funny.”

Now, as one of America’s recognizable names in comedy, JoKoy feels responsible to open doors for his fellow Filipino American talents.

“I knew how hard it was just for me to get to Netflix and now that I have this opportunity, I have the door just a little bit open and I’m letting my Filipinos in man.”

Jokoy’s full interview can be watched on Adobo Nation at home, this Sunday at 6:45 p.M. on TFC, while his special debuts on Netflix on June 12.

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