Fearless flyer Jessica Cox on Life with Feet, upcoming motivational speaking tour

When Fil-Am athlete/speaker Jessica Cox is not flying her plane, sparring with her taekwondo teammates, or even surfing, she is spreading motivation and inspiration.

Cox recently spoke at a TEDTalk in Tel Aviv, Israel.

ABS-CBN caught up with Cox before she left for her trip overseas.

“My whole motto is possible thinking, how to achieve the impossible, because right now I think there is a lot of negative in the world, unfortunately, and it brings people down. So there’s a greater need for motivation out there for inspiring people to achieve things that may stretch them a little bit.”

Other than giving speeches to vast amounts of people through her non-profit foundation Right-Footed — she launched a YouTube channel called Life with Feet.

“It talks about myself and my friend Tisha who’s my co-host. She was also born without arms. And we talk about the different challenges of being born with a disability, how we are challenged in employment, how we are challenged in everyday tasks, and we talk about how we learned how to deal with them. So that’s very much a teaching tool for so many people around the world.”

Following her trip from Israel — Cox will be joining the “Think and Grow Rich Legacy world tour.

The tour — which is named after American author Napoleon Hill’s best-known book — is a collection of self-help speakers to help people find success and happiness.

“We will kick off in Anaheim, CA on May 3rd and 4th. I’m excited and thrilled. We will be teaching other people how to achieve the impossible, how to change their own circumstances, and really make strides in their life.” 

Cox wants to bring out as many people to this event as she can.

“Go to fearlessjessica.com and for a limited time we have a discount code for the first 25 people in each city of the speaking tour.”

Cox continues to achieve new feats.

She is currently working on a rock climbing harness that will allow her and others without arms to scale walls or even boulders.

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